Mid-Week Report Episode 12

Episode 12 – Mid-Week Report – New Year 2020

Welcome to 2020!

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Show Notes:

First episode of the new year
    Why so many federal holidays?
    What was on my Instagram?
Twinkies Pudding Mix
    Times Square security – how much is needed? I prefer no security!
    Teleportation between two computer chips –  https://newatlas.com/quantum-computing/quantum-teleportation-computer-chips/
     Weekly Poll Question: What is the biggest story of 2019?
       — You can suggest a poll topic via my Twitter or Instagram feeds.

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TWRS Mid-Week Report Episode 10

Episode 10 – Money Talks

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Today, I further expressed my humble opinion regarding various events happening currently.

    Trump Impeachment – What if he is removed?
    Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker reviews
    Poll Results – Surprising to me

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