Sporadic opinions for unfocused times

New Start Old Ideas

Here it is, another tenth month of the year, a year of strange politics and weirder health news. I am restarting my weekly podcast and I want you join me for this crazy adventure. I am re-launching with a new slogan, some new graphics, but the opinions will remain just as out-there as ever.

This new slogan I am hinting at is this: “Sporadic Opinions for Unfocused Times” or the alternate of: “Sporadic Opinions from an Unfocused Mind”. Which one do you all prefer? I will put this to a vote on my MeWe page and you, my great listeners, shall have ultimate say of which one I use, or perhaps you have a better idea? I will also offer the option for you to write my slogan! So, check it out and vote today. You will have one week and then I will post the results.

Thank you for being a part of this life and struggle to make reality more understandable. Be well you cool cats!

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